About Us

Daryoosh Khalilollahi, CFP, MBA, MSEE

NAPFA (National Association of Fee-Only Advisors) Registered Financial Advisor

Daryoosh’s passion is helping individuals, couples and families make the financial decisions that are best for their specific circumstances and avoid financial mistakes. He has been living in the Bay Area since 1989 and established his financial advisory firm in 2004. His typical clients are those who are serious about retirement planning or other mid-to-long term financial goals. He is a California state Registered Investment Advisor.

If you took money out of the picture, how would a typical day of yours be spent? The more clearly you can visualize the routines of such a day, the easier it may be for you to align your goals with your values.

The mission of DABK Financial Planning Services is to help clients achieve their goals in line with their values. Since our inception in 2004, our commitment to our clients has been the following:

  • To be honest, starting with the initial free consultation session.
  • To treat our clients with respect and help them understand the financial concepts that are relevant to their circumstances.
  • To provide the highest quality information and advice tailored to the client's goals.
  • To make appropriate referrals to other professionals whenever a client needs advice in areas outside the advisor's expertise.

Our Services

Your financial well-being benefits from periodic checkups, like your health and other aspects of your life. After a free initial consultation, we offer the following services:

Financial Planning, Financial/Investment Advice - Flat Fee

The deliverable of this service is a financial report describing the strengths and weaknesses of your financial condition, along with our recommendations for reaching your specified goals.

Annual Retainer - Flat Fee

After an initial session, if you decide to have an ongoing advisor-client relationship, we will monitor and evaluate your progress towards your goals and respond to any issues or concerns that you may have. We will make investments and other financial recommendations based on the changing macroeconomic conditions, your circumstances and your goals.

Hourly Advice

If there are specific issues you are concerned with, we focus on these topics after reviewing your profile and your monthly cash flow and assets/liabilities data. The process of reviewing the collected data may often reveal other financial issues that we bring to your attention. Recommendations are made after assessing relevant data and concerns.